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My name is Frederique, I'm from France living in Bali and I'm a content creator. Three years ago I created a YouTube Channel to help women to look stylish and elegant no matter their budget and location. Through these years I built an amazing community of thousand of women from all over the World enjoying my famous Styling Course. But most of all, I've been able to reach my dreams by doing something I love to do. Inquiries or collabs:

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“This course cleared up years of confusion for me. Frederique’s positive personality made it fun, clear, and well-organized. Don’t hesitate to get it!” Nancy L.
“What a fabulous course! It’s a personal guide to a world of flair and elegance and has given me the courage to create my style and know I look good in it.” Karen M.
This course is a game changer and LIFE changer! Frédérique presents this course with humour, sensitivity, and countless tips and great advice. I loved it!” Sabrina F.
“One of the best gifts for me and the best course I’ve ever seen! So much more than styling advice, this is the woman who has your back and wants to see the best in you.” Olga G.
“This is a perfect course for anyone wanting to improve their appearance and build confidence. Plus, it’s well-organised, and professionally presented.” Rau J.
“The styling course does an incredible job of helping women feel more confident in their appearance while you sharpen your image skills.” Maureen G.
“I have completely changed my way of thinking about dressing and more importantly how I buy clothes.  A super course that I would highly recommend. A big thank you!” Sharon F.
“Get Frederique’s course, this is the best investment you can do for yourself! I already follow her on YouTube but this course it’s 20 times better!” Shanti B.
“I can’t stop going back to review everything over and over. Each time I do, I learn something new. I love this course. Thank you!” Lauren T. 
“You make me think about how to style simple and inexpensive clothes into classic and sophisticated outfits. This is truly life-changing!” Eunice C.
“You have inspired me to have the best wardrobe of my life (43). I felt like a tired-looking mommy and now I feel like a confident woman! Thank you!” Nicole S.
“I love so much your course, your enthusiasm and your positivity. You make me smile while teaching me!” Loren P.